The club has been running since 1971. Currently our members meet once a week in Garforth and we hold annual exhibitions in Garforth Welfare Hall, Lotherton Hall, Garforth Gala and Ledsham Fayre.  Our regular activities include themed painting sessions, Criticism and Competitions (good hearted of course), and periodic demo and workshop sessions from acclaimed artists.

We are pleased to have some of the work of our members on our web site.  If you would like more information about our club or the work of any of our artists please contact us at ' This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. '.

 garforth art club ,looking for new members,please come and see us,use email above,



            club returnes  January 3rd :street scene 

            10 th:textures

             17th :crit +comp: having fun

            24th:still life: light+ shine/ glass +metal

            31st : print 



eloise young visitor

to garfoth art club


Garforth art temple newsam day august 2.013

garforth art  club temple newsam day august 2.013



garforth art club ,lotherton hall, may 2013





Christine ford with  garfoth art club ,supporting Yorkshire air ambulance        

                        Temple Newsam exhibition
















Art Demo - Pastel














clubs outing to fairburn ings.   

brians dedicated to his art





new member dennis,

showing the club members 
how to paint portrates in oils.

every body enjoyed the evening,

thanks dennis.

lotherton hall 2014

garforth art club lotherton hall 2014

eloise comes back to see garforth art club

@ lotherton hall 2014